Special Agent Five

The Case:

The intrigue on the brittle pages of this 1930s radio script reaches beyond the suspenseful plot line.

From the text we gather that J. Edgar Hoover himself endorsed the creator to reveal the details of a true story. The first line reads: “Through Courtesy of J. Edgar Hoover … You are permitted to relate authentic story…The Lamar Bank Robbery.”

What does J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI have to do with this radio script? And how accurate are the events in the play?

History Detectives consults with a radio historian in Merrick, NY, digs up background with an historian at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC and talks with a J. Edgar Hoover biographer who helps to connect the dots.

Document: Special Agent Five
View the script for Special Agent Five, Episode IV, Part 1: "The Lamar Bank Robbery".

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Season 8, Episode 9

Gwen Wright Location:
Washington D.C., Virginia and West Virginia

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