St Valentine's Day Massacre

The Case:

History Detectives stares down the barrel of a shotgun for clues that one of Al Capone’s men fired it in a Chicago gang massacre that shocked the nation.

The gun came to our contributor’s family after it was handed down through two generations of prominent Chicago families.  It’s a Western Field single-barreled repeating action 12-gauge shotgun.  The barrel and the stock were once shortened just the way the Capone gang liked its guns:  easy to conceal and with more destructive force.

History Detectives tests the gun’s firepower, consults with ballistics experts, and combs through physical evidence to see if the gun can be placed at the scene of the crime.

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Season 9, Episode 11
Season 8, Episode 7
Season 7, Episode 3

Elyse Luray Location:
Chicago, Illinois

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