Math Teaching Your Three-Year-Old Numbers and Counting

Even before school starts, young children are learning math through daily routines and activities. They are excited when they recognize numbers in their environment and enjoy simple activities such as counting blocks or toy cars. These activities build a foundation for more complex mathematical concepts in the future. There are many easy ways you can help your three-year-old feel confident and excited about math, including reading counting books together or spotting numbers at the grocery store.

Instill a love of numbers at an early age:

Sing a Counting Song

Just as the alphabet song helps kids memorize their letters, number songs can help them memorize numbers in order. Songs like "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" teach counting up, and songs such as "Five Little Monkeys" can introduce counting down. You can even make up your own! And you can practice singing numbers 1 to 10 anywhere — in the car, at the park or before bedtime.

Peg + Cat Big Gig

In this fun app featuring Peg + Cat and their friends, children ages 3 to 6 can practice math skills by learning and creating songs.

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Count as You Step

Is your little one slow at climbing stairs? Motivate him with some number counting! Count each step as you mount it and see how high you can get. Your child will be scrambling up to higher numbers (and steps) in no time!

Perfect 10

Playing this card game can help your child develop early math skills by counting to 10 and knowing what is more or less than 10.

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Play "How Many?"

When you and your child are in a group of people — in the car, at the park or around the dinner table — stop and ask, "I wonder how many people are here?" Help count each person, one at a time.

Rosita's Fiesta

Rosita has treats to share with her friends. Your child can help Rosita by counting out exactly enough items for each friend.

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Help Your Child Learn to Love Math with Curious George

Curious George is a little monkey who wants to explore and discover new things. Like George, children are always learning! And his interactions with patterns, measurements, and shapes can help your child begin to see math in the world around them.

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