Math Helping Your Six-Year-Old Develop Important Spatial Skills

Spatial reasoning connects math to the physical world and includes skills like reading maps, understanding symmetry and building 3D objects. At age six, your child is ready for more spatial challenges — navigating, exploring and building. And you can help them grow with fun activities at home!

Simple activities to help your child strengthen spatial sense:

Build a Model

Use recycled bottles, cans and boxes to create a three-dimensional model of where you live. It could be a model of one room, your whole house, your street or your whole neighborhood. This activity connects a child's personal world with spatial relations.

A House Just Right for Me!

The Cat in the Hat and his pals need houses that are just the right size. Using printable finger puppets, your child can measure and build paper houses that are just perfect for the Cat, Sally, and Nick.

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Practice Giving Directions

If you are driving or walking home, ask your child to give you directions and see if they can figure out where they are. Practicing spatial awareness near your home — and expressing directions verbally — is a great skill to learn.

Fresh Pick Mini Games

In this collection of mini games, your child will learn to navigate spaces, use spatial clues to locate items, add and subtract to meet a budget, and sort items based on multiple attributes.

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Cut Out Symmetrical Snowflakes

It's fun to explore symmetrical properties by cutting up paper along a fold. Fold a piece of paper in half and then in half again. Have your child cut small shapes along the folds. When you open it up, you will be surprised by the beautiful paper shapes you have created! 

Snowflake Match

Your child can learn about shape symmetry in this game of matching snowflake halves.

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Go on a Treasure Hunt

Making and following a treasure map based on your living room or backyard will help your child translate a two-dimensional bird’s-eye view into the three-dimensional real world. Hide an object and mark it on the map with a red X for your child to hunt down. Then have your child draw a map and hide an object for you to find!

Play Thinga-Ma-Jigger Hide-And-Seek

You can help your child sharpen their spatial reasoning skills with this hide and seek game. Help guide your child to the location of a hidden object using direction words.

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Help Your Child Learn to Love Math with Peg + Cat

Through engaging stories and comedy, Peg + Cat encourages your child to see math as exciting, accessible, and fun. The show teaches measurement, shapes and patterns, and problem-solving skills that children can use in their everyday lives.

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