Math Teaching Your Seven-Year-Old Numbers and Counting

Numbers and counting are a crucial part of your child's growing mathematical understanding. These early math concepts build a foundation for more complex mathematical processes in the future. Seven-year-olds have often developed a strong sense of numbers and are ready for higher-level play. You'll be surprised at what your child can show you! And there are plenty of opportunities to extend their understanding with simple math games at home.

Instill a love of numbers at an early age:

Dot-to-Dot Activities

Remember dot-to-dot books? These activities are great for practicing number identification and counting. You can buy a cheap dot-to-dot activity book online or in a local dollar store, or you can make your own! Your child will be learning how to identify numbers with a fun challenge she can do on her own.

Rock Art

By creating pictures or connecting the dots in this game, your child will learn about how numbers represent collections of objects.

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Count Down to an Event

Is an event coming up that your child is looking forward to? Using a calendar as a guide, have your child count by sevens (for weeks) and ones (for days) to find out how long the wait will be.

Odd Squad Number Line

Using this printable number line, your child can practice many math skills including addition, subtraction and skip counting.

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Learn Anywhere: Mental Math Games

Counting games are great in the car or on the subway since they don’t require materials — just your brain. Because your child is learning to count to high numbers by now, you can practice skip counting. Start by trying to count by 10s to 100. Then try counting by fives or twos. The more you play, the faster your child will become at picking up the patterns. When that gets too easy, brainstorm different ways to get a specific number. What are three numbers you can add together to get to 12? What four numbers can you add together to get to 20? 

Giant Pizza Party

Using these printouts, your child can practice counting by tens to reach 100 toppings on a giant pizza.

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Guessing Games: Practice "Greater Than" and "Less Than"

Choose a number between 1 and 100 and write it on a slip of paper, out of view of your child. Then have your child try to guess the number. For each guess, tell her whether it's greater than or less than her guess. Have her keep guessing until she gets it. Then switch roles and try to guess her number.

Frogfish Feast

The Wild Kratts need help catching robofish. Once your child catches the fish, she can practice classifying and sorting the fish based on number, size and color attributes.

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Help Your Child Learn to Love Math with Odd Squad

Odd Squad focuses on a kid-run agency that saves the day whenever something unusual happens. Emphasizing problem solving, teamwork and perseverance in every strange and hilarious new assignment, agents use math to investigate weird problems -- and your child can help!

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