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Reeftown Rangers


What are Reeftown Rangers?

Splash and Bubbles’ Reeftown Rangers are kids, parents, caregivers and educators who are committed to learning about and protecting the ocean and other marine environments. They are curious about the incredible diversity of marine life and ocean phenomena, as well as the essential role the ocean plays in the well-being of our planet, and ourselves. Reeftown Rangers know that we all must take care of precious water resources, whether we live on the coast, near a large or small body of water, or even far inland.


How do we become Reeftown Rangers?

Recite the following pledge with your child to help Splash, Bubbles and their friends protect the ocean. When you're done, you can save or print out your own Reeftown Ranger badge! Be sure to enter your email address below to get the latest Splash and Bubbles updates and fun Reeftown Ranger activities that will help your family care for our one big ocean.


Become a Reeftown Ranger and make a difference today!

Take the Reeftown Rangers Pledge!

I [state your name] pledge to be a REEFTOWN RANGER! 


From the coves to the caves

to the forests of kelp,

I’m on the case,

I’m ready to help!


To keep our great ocean

so clean and so blue,

I’ll dive in – lend a fin!

There’s so much to do!


No reef is too big,

no job is too small.

Let’s protect the ocean

for one and for all!


Ocean Friends Forever!




Reeftown Rangers Activity Sheet & Form

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