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Staff Sergeant Lawton writes from England to his parents. Several months after writing this letter, he is killed in the Battle of the Bulge.
"I can't go beyond what I have already told you. You see events that happened the past few weeks am not allowed to write about.'
The green fields and hedge rows of Normandy was our next problem. We had already a working plan of just how to go about getting the Square heads out of these blasted hedges. Of course just how we were going to do it must wait until after the war.
The next morning we were all set for running the Germans clear into Berlin. We moved up to the jumping off place and was ready for Fritzy along the hedges of the fields to our front. My first look-see along the banks between fields reminded me of hunting ground-hogs back home. The Super race (I hope Goebbels won't mind) was dug down and into the banks. But as said before we had a way of getting them out. After putting it into effect we had some coming up with the old term "Kamarad" and some didn't get up. The rest were on the move towards Berlin.
This much I can say it takes team work between Infantry, Tanks, Artillery, and Air Force. Perhaps I can give you a better understanding of what I mean. Football is a great game but it takes eleven players working together. One fellow moves under the protection of his team. Apply that to fighting over here and you have an idea of what I mean.
Yes Mom and Dad, I have told you about a few things up to a certain time. Am afraid I can't go beyond what I have already told you. You see events that happened the past few weeks am not allowed to write about. Can say I was hit but as to the date, time, and place, well as censorship doesn't permit it, why try to write about it. Take up where I left off when time allows it.
Am doing fine here in England. Up and around now, even played a game of horse shoes to-day, so you all haven't a thing to worry about.
I have my own opinion of what the censor may think of this letter. Yes, there is an end and this is it.
Love always,

This was one of Staff Sargeant Lawton's last letters home; he was killed months later in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge.

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