A new leader takes on the corrupt ruling party in Zimbabwe's 2018 presidential election. Winner, 2021 Sundance World Cinema Documentary, Excellence Verité Filmmaking. Shortlisted, 94th Academy Awards. A co-presentation with Black Public Media.

Camilla Nielsson
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How will a sister assure a dignified life for her brother born with multiple disabilities?

Greenland reckons with its Danish colonial past and the promised future by an US company.

Native Americans, Japanese Americans and environmentalists defend their water from LA. A co-production of the Center for Asian American Media and Vision Maker Media. A co-presentation with the Center for Asian American Media.

Beatrice Vio has cultivated a passion for fencing since she was five years old. At eleven, she contracted severe meningitis...

Shot over the course of a year, Elaine Is Almost explores the unconditional love between siblings as they each navigate their place in the world.

Outside of El Chapo's Brooklyn trial, his mythology appears in media spectacles, sidewalk conversations and selfies.

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