I Didn’t See You There

A disabled filmmaker ruminates on the corrosive legacy of the Freak Show. Winner, 2022 Sundance, U.S. Documentary Director and Grand Jury Prize nominee.

Reid Davenport
Keith Wilson
learn more 90 min

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An academic beacon for Black children on Chicago’s South Side battles gentrification. A co-production of POV and ITVS, in association with Black Public Media.

Two women in a region beset by violent ethnic divisions run a makeshift medical clinic. Winner, 2022 Sundance World Cinema Documentary, Excellence Verité Filmmaking. A co-production of POV.

An Act of Worship explores the past 30 years of American history through the perspective of Muslims across the U.S. who have lived it.

An idealistic young journalist in Beijing profiles China's biggest real estate speculator.

Over 60 years, Lois and Charlie O’Brien, renowned entomologists, traveled to more than 67 countries, amassing the world’s largest private collection of insects.

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