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The Distant Barking of Dogs Delve Deeper Reading List

Nonfiction for Younger Readers

Damo, Duane. Growing Up in the Civil War: 1861 to 1865. Lerner Publishing Group, 2002.
Growing up during the Civil War, children such as fourteen-year-old Theodore Upson and sixteen-year-old Emma Sansom did more than just watch from the sidelines, they fought to try to preserve their way of life. Whether on the battlefields, in the factories, on plantations, or at home, children such as Willis Cozart, a young slave, faced the realities of war including food shortages, a ravaged countryside, and most tragically, the death of family members.

Frank, Anne. The Diary of a Young Girl: the Definitive Edition. Edited by Otto Frank and Mirjam Pressler. Translated by Susan Massotty. Alfred A. Knopf, 2010.
The Diary of a Young Girl is the record of two years in the life of a remarkable Jewish girl whose triumphant humanity in the face of unfathomable deprivation and fear has made the book one of the most enduring documents of our time.

Raatma, Lucia. Grandmothers are Part of a Family. Capstone Press, 2018.
There are many different names for a grandmother. But no matter what you call her, a grandma is a constant source of love and smiles. Beautiful photos and simple text are combined with extensive back matter.

Toll, Nellie. Behind the Secret Window: A Memoir of a Hidden Childhood During World War Two. 1993. Puffin Books, 2003.
Illustrated with Nelly’s original watercolors, this powerful memoir tells the true story of how a little girl’s imagination helped her survive World War II. The Nazis come to Poland when Nelly is six. By the time she turns eight, the events of World War II have taken almost everyone she loves. Scared, lonely, and running from the Nazis, Nelly hides in the bedroom of a Gentile couple in Lwow, Poland. For over a year, she lives in fear of discovery, writing in her diary and painting pictures of a fantasy world filled with open skies and happy families.