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  • Lesson plan
  • Grades 11-12

Family and Caregiving: The Challenge of Caring for Our Elders

Thinking Ahead

  1. What does it mean to be “old”? What are the stereotypes that we associate with our elders?
  2. What are the most difficult challenges that people face as they get older? Personally, what are the challenges that you anticipate or fear as you age?
  3. What strategies has your family (or community) used to address the needs of your elders?
  4. What publicly-supported resources are available in your community and across the country for those in need of care? ? What about for those giving care to family members?
  5. What are the most difficult challenges that family caregivers for the elderly face?
  6. How are the “caregivers” in your family (or community) supported? Are there other members of the family who are actively responsible for addressing the caregivers’ needs and challenges?
  7. What workplace issues do home health aides face? What do these challenges tell us about how our society values caregiving?

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