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Our Time Machine Discussion Guide

Taking Action and Resources


Here are some ways you and your community can get involved with some issues presented in Our Time Machine:

  • Research and learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Write a letter to an elder with the Letters of Love Campaign
  • Learn more about caregiving and how to support caregivers in your life.
  • Consider doing an oral history project with elders in your life, recording stories as a way to archive memories.
  • Learn more about puppetry arts and intersection of arts and politics by exploring Bread and Puppet Theater


A list of relevant social movements, non-profits, and organizations. Be sure to include brief descriptions for each org and a link. Here is an example.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Art and Healing: The Aging UnLonely Project

Dementia Society of America

Free Southern Theater

JuneBug Theater

Roadside Theater