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Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting a POV Screening

Event Preparation and Promotion

Step 4:
Receive your screening package from POV.

Check your mailbox!

You will receive:
— A DVD screening copy of the film
If you have not received the film you requested one week prior to your event, notify us at
We strongly advise you to preview the film when you receive it to ensure there are no issues. On the day of the event, test the film on the equipment you will be using to show the film to ensure that it plays smoothly. If you have any problems with the copy of the film you are sent, email us at and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

— Audience Evaluations
Collecting audience feedback is an important part of the work we do and helps us gauge the community’s needs. All personal information is strictly confidential, and we will quote audience members only if they authorize us to do so. If you need more copies of the audience evaluation than are included, feel free to make photocopies.

Each POV film has a page on the POV Community Network that includes:
— Discussion Guide
— Lesson Plan
— Delve Deeper Reading List
— Screening Flyer Template

Step 5:
Choose a facilitator, moderator and/or speakers.

It is best to choose people who are familiar with the issues and can create a friendly environment for meaningful dialogue about the issues raised by the film.

If you need to find someone else to facilitate, university professors, human resource professionals, clergy and youth leaders may be specially trained in facilitation. In addition to these local resources, groups such as the National Conference for Community and Justice, Intergroup Resources and Essential Partnersmay be able to provide or help you locate skilled facilitators.

If you need to find someone else to moderate, consider a local journalist, for example someone from The Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

To help your facilitators or moderators, we have free discussion guides available on the POV Community Network. Look for a link to the film’s Community Network listing in the email you will receive after registering your screening. Email or send your facilitators the Tips for Facilitators below.

Step 6:
Promote Your Event

Create Promotional Materials.
You can design your own event flyer, or use a template provided by POV. All templates can be found in the films’ partner toolkits. If you design your own flyer, please send it to for approval before distributing.

Please note that all print materials, invitations and web listings must include the following:

— The complete title of the film and the name(s) of the filmmaker(s)
— The PBS broadcast date for the film (only needed for films that have not yet aired on PBS — check the broadcast dates on
— The POV logo (download here) and/or the following credit line: "This event is a collaboration with POV, PBS' award-winning nonfiction film series." And the complete URL of the POV website:
— If you plan to contact media outlets for publicity for a sneak-preview screening of a film that has not yet broadcast on PBS, please send us a completed Media Contact Form (below) and your press release.
— Our communications department will review and approve your contacts to ensure there is no overlap between our outreach efforts and yours.

Please note that all materials must include the POV logo or the phrase:
“This event is a collaboration with POV, the award-winning independent nonfiction film series on PBS. (”

Ask reporters to attend your event or review the film (send reporters to our online pressroom:
Pitch the value of this unique screening and the importance of encouraging dialogue around contemporary social issues. If reporters cannot attend and would like to obtain copies of the program for review, they should contact POV’s communications department at or (212) 989-7425. If local broadcast information (day and time) is available, encourage reporters to include it in their stories so others can tune into the program.

Contact Your Local Public Television Station
We encourage our screening partners to connect with their local PBS stations around promotional efforts. Please email so we can put you in touch with the appropriate contact.

Use Social Media
Look into what social media platforms are being used by your target audience (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and engage with them before and after your event.

Media Contact Form
If you are hosting a screening of a current season film, please submit a media contact form to POV before you alert local print, radio and television outlets about your local event. Email your list to and we will respond within 48 hours. This is to ensure that we do not duplicate promotional efforts.

How will POV promote your event?
Local Events Map

When you input your screening information into the Community Network, your event will appear on our local events map, which can be accessed on the POV website (

Twitter, Facebook, American Documentary website

We will use our various social media platforms to promote your screening. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @POVdocs and like us on Facebook so we can share promotional efforts.