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We Are The Radical Monarchs: Discussion Guide

A Note To Users

Dear POV Community Members, We are so glad you are preparing to facilitate a discussion inspired by We Are the Radical Monarchs! Before you dive in we want to encourage you to prepare for the conversation as this discussion guide invites you and your community to have dialogue about important issues like systemic racism, gender equality, and transformative movements for justice. Sometimes these topics can feel uncomfortable for people to discuss, and as a facilitator we hope you’ll take necessary steps to ensure that you are prepared to guide the conversation in a way that minimizes harm while maximizing growth and connection. We encourage you to prepare ahead of time by educating yourself as much as possible on the issues. Our Delve Deeper Reading List is a great place to find resources! We have also provided a list of helpful concepts, definitions, and explanations to ground yourself and your community. Before beginning the conversation we encourage you to understand these concepts and utilize them to establish common language with participants that are founded on respect and non-violent communication.

About the authors

Marilyn Hollinquest

Marilyn Hollinquest, Co-Founder of the Radical Monarchs, is a social justice advocate who specializes in young women of colors empowerment. She has 15 plus years of experience as a teacher, community advocate and scholar. Marilyn received her M.A in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University, and B.A in Community Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz. Marilyn is passionate about the marriage of theory and practice (praxis) which is at the core of her commitment to the authentic inclusion of disenfranchised peoples. She currently builds radical community in her chosen home of Oakland, CA and is a proud Tulare, CA native.

Anayvette Martinez

Anayvette Martinez Co-Founder of the Radical Monarchs is a San Francisco native and child of Central American immigrants. Anayvette's varied interests in advocacy, community organizing and empowerment led her to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of California Los Angeles and later her Master's degree at San Francisco State University in Ethnic Studies. Over the past fifteen years she has developed and managed education, social justice, and gendered support programs focused on empowerment and safety for youth, families and their adult allies. Anayvette currently lives and loves in East Oakland with her two children.