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Short Film | 03/12/2014 | 9 Mins

In 1983, the German energy giant RWE started digging for coal in the Garzweiler II pit. Since then 16 villages around the mine have had to be resettled. Borschemich is next to be bulldozed away. In the 1980s, 760 people lived here — nowadays there are only 50 residents left. In 2015, the village will be gone. Against all odds, brothers Helmut and Joachim Meier run the nursery they built 30 years ago until the very end. Life is grey and lonesome, but there’s one hidden place where the world still seems to be all right. Good Soil was produced in March 2013 during the International Documentary Challenge and premiered as one of twelve finalists at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto. The film won the 2013 International Documentary Challenge awards for Best Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Editing and received the DER Award as well as the American Documentary | POV Award.

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Film Credits —

  • Sebastian Lemke Sebastian Lemke
  • Benjamin Leers Benjamin Leers
  • Pablo Ben Yakov Pablo Ben Yakov
  • Roland Scheliga Roland Scheliga
  • Christoph Ortmann Christoph Ortmann