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Love & Stuff
POV Season 35
Feature Film | 09/05/2022 | 90 Mins

“How do you live without your mother?” Filmmaker Judith Helfand asks this unbearable question twice: as a daughter caring for her terminally ill mother; as an “old new mom”, single parenting her much-longed-for adopted baby girl at 50+. With gallows humor and lots of heart, this multigenerational love story ultimately asks: what do we really need to leave our children?

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Film Credits —

  • Judith Helfand Director/Producer Judith Helfand
  • David Cohen Co-Director
  • Hilla Medalia Producer Hilla Medalia
  • Julie Parker Benello Producer

Critical Acclaim —

“Love and Stuff gradually evolves into a celebration of the breadcrumbs we leave behind for future generations...”

— Stephen Saito, Moveable Feast