"Keep Talking" re-aired November 2018

About the Show

Premiere Date: July 2018

"Keep Talking" follows four Alaska Native women fighting to save Kodiak Alutiiq, an endangered language now spoken by less than 40 remaining fluent Native Elders. Their small community travels to remote Afognak Island to start teaching kids Alutiiq. At the camp, Sadie, a troubled teen, is inspired to begin learning the language and dances of her ancestors. Over the next five years, the women overcome historical and personal traumas to find joy and hope in the revitalization of their cultural heritage.

A Closer Look at "Keep Talking"

"Keep Talking" was produced by Ten Trees Productions, LLC and Kartemquin Films, and presented by Vision Maker Media. 

Ten Trees Productionskartemquin+ktq2C_1966.pngVision Maker Media

This show was made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Native Village of Afognak, Rasmuson Foundation, Alaska Humanities Forum and Afognak Native Corporation. 

Native Village of AfognakRasmuson FundationAlaska Humanities ForumAfognak Native Corporation

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