"" Biography of Ralph Bunche

Encarta Online Biography of Ralph Bunche

Nobel E-Museum Biography of Ralph Bunche

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Article on Ralph Bunche

Ralph Bunche quotations

History Channel Biography of Ralph Bunche

Ralph Bunche collection at the Schomburg Legacy Exhibition

American Heritage story on Bunche

History Channel information page regarding An American Dilemma

Conversation with Sir Brian Urquhart about Ralph Bunche

Philadelphia Daily News story recounting Bunche's role in settling the Mid East crisis in the late 1940s

American Heritage story on Bunche's role in helping to mediate the Mid East crisis


Civil Rights Timeline

The National Civil Rights Museum

Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement

United Nations Human Rights Website

Human Rights Watch International

Amnesty International


The United Nations and Decolonization and Trusteeship

"" Article on the history of the Congo

"" Article on the history of the Congo


United Nations Homepage

United Nations Cyber School Bus site on model United Nations

Yahoo Government search page with several links to Model United Nations sites

List of UN member states


International Atomic Energy Agency

Dwight Eisenhower Atoms for Peace speech


American Friends Service Committee Peace Education Web site

American University's Center for Global Peace Web site provides information on the university's Conflict Resolution program, transcripts of their lecture series and links to other conflict related sites.

Carter Center

Columbia University's "Conflict Resolution Journal."

The Conflict Management Group (CMG), a Cambridge based organization creates opportunities for peaceful change by helping people work together to manage their differences. The group seeks to expand the use of conflict resolution techniques, train individual in their use.

The Conflict Research Consortium is a program of research, education, and application on all four of the University of Colorado's campuses. Their Web site provides a description of the services, links to other sites as well as research on conflict resolution.

Conflict Resolution Information Source

The Fund for Peace, a nonprofit organization, promotes education and research on global problems that threaten human survival, and proposes practical solutions.

International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO), an independent, international institute. It was one of the first centers of peace research in the world, and is Norway's only peace research center. The site provides links to PIRO's research, resources and other conflict and peace related sites.

Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a unique grassroots organization that explores and implements nonviolent approaches to peacekeeping and human rights support.

The Program on Nonviolent Sanctions and Cultural Survival (PONSACS) studies situations of conflict in order to better understand their nature and the capabilities of nonviolent actions in support of human rights and civil liberties.

Peace and Conflict Studies, This journal is designed to discuss various issues in peace research and conflict analysis.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI is an independent international institute for research into problems of peace and conflict, especially those of arms control and disarmament.

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