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Welcome to RAO's online Krasnogorsk Film Catalogue. A sample database of 2,000 English-language film records are available for immediate searching. Please note that this catalogue represents but a small selection from the tens of thousands reels of film stored at the archive.

The Krasnogorsk Catalogue is an ongoing work in progress. Under the direction of AMP, a time-consuming process of entering film records and descriptions in Russian and then translating each individual entry into English is under way at the Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive in Krasnogorsk. The materials in this database are just a portion of the 38,000 film titles (215,000 reels of film) available.


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    About 2000 records are available for immediate searching.
    Cataloging is an ongoing work in progress.

    This electronic catalog is developed by Russian State Documentary Film and Photography Archive and the Archive Media Project.

    The software is developed by the Film and Computer World Company.

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