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Watch the first episode of This Emotional Life  -




I've finished the first two episodes (4 hours) and am now at the middle of the third. Overall i think this show has little to offer in that it is not self critical at all. Everything is about putting a positive spin on. "Lie to yourself and be happy" should be its title. The segment that focused on the pilot captured by the Vietnamese perfectly exemplifies this because they never really ask what is it about this individual that made them a survivor. Nor did they really ask what it means to survive - there are no details. Nor did they ask those who have collapsed under the weight of their lives why it was they "failed". And last, the show never really asks the fundamental question of what "success" and "failure" mean in these situations.

I am a Christian who has been meditating for nearly 8 years now. The focus of my effort is "attention". That is, with meditation i work to be right where i am, to see things as they are. And i, as others have, found that this gives us a very rich, and honest, life. This show suggests that self critical examination is irrelevent; just create a nice illusion for yourself and you will get by. How very sad for those who believe this lie, how sad for those who cannot believe this lie, and therefore, feel even worse, and how sad for us all that intelligent people like the author of this piece feel such contempt for humanity that they feel they are justified in offering us such ultimately contemptuous tripe.

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