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quote buttonI'm biased. I'm a Lumbee Indian and I'm a human being, And I'm inherently biased as are we all. But the point I try to raise to my students is that every professor, and the very concept itself, is based on the root word, profess. To profess something is to expound one's views. And hopefully one's views are steeped in the literature, in the documents, in what we want to call the truth. What I try to do is bring some balance. Because the system has not been balanced.
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David Wilkins

Selected Bibliography

The Masking of Justice: The U.S. Supreme Court and American Indian Tribal Sovereignty (Austin: University of Texas Press, forthcoming)

Dine' Bibeehaz'aanii: A Handbook of Navajo Government (Tsaile, AZ: Navajo Community College Press, 1987)

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