E.O. Wilson - Of Ants And Men

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An exploration of the remarkable life and groundbreaking ideas of biologist E.O Wilson, founder of the discipline of sociobiology, world authority on insects and Pulitzer-prize winning writer on the subject of human nature. In Wilson, we see an endearing personality who is one of the great scientists and thinkers of our time.

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About the Show

"E.O. Wilson – Of Ants and Men" is a film about the life and extraordinary scientific odyssey of one of America’s greatest living thinkers, E.O. Wilson. It is an exciting journey of ideas, but also an endearing portrait of a remarkable man often dubbed, “a Darwin for the modern day.” Starting with his unusual childhood in Alabama, it chronicles the lifelong love for the natural world that led him to Harvard and the studies that would establish him as the world’s foremost authority on ants.

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