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Follow the Water is an adventure story with a profound environmental message.

Follow the Water is an adventure story with an environmental message. Traveling by bike, on foot and in a canoe, photographer Mike Forsberg and filmmaker Peter Stegen follow a mythical drop of water 1,300 miles through three states. Using iPhones, Go-Pros and underwater cameras they share how it feels to get close to the flow of the water — to taste it, touch it, and struggle to understand it.

Platte Basin Timelapse Project


Platte Basin Timelapse Project

From the solitude of alpine wilderness to the sprawling suburbs of Denver to the magic of sunrise on the Platte River, Follow the Water tells what happens when you get close to the flow of the water - get out and taste it, touch it, struggle with it. Learn more about the Platte Basin Timelapse project.


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At noon on a hot summer day two exhausted-looking guys in a canoe approach the confluence of the Platte and Missouri Rivers in Nebraska. Photographer Mike Forsberg and Filmmaker Peter Stegen are at the end of a 55-day journey through the Platte Basin Watershed — from snowmelt in the mountains of Wyoming, through the Colorado Rockies, to the mouth of the Platte. Why did they do it? As Forsberg explains, “All life on this planet depends on water. I want to know where our water comes from!”

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