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A journey into the shadowy world of British espionage and Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Her Majesty's Secret Service is the world's oldest and most famous spy agency. Home to the legendary Agent 007, James Bond, it has been at the centre of international espionage for over 100 years. Now the truth is revealed behind the covert operations, the tales of treachery and the double-agents who've risked their lives.

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In the shadowy world of espionage there is no spy agency more legendary than Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Founded over 100 years ago, it has evolved into a global spying network. Better known by its old government identifier as MI6, the service didn’t officially exist until 1994. Today its modern headquarters, code-named VX, sit in the centre of London on the river Thames. Made famous by the iconic James Bond stories the British Secret Service exudes an air of glamour and sexiness.

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