Maori man with full moko tattoo
Maori man with full moko tattoo
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Tattoo Stories

Skin Stories: The Art and Culture of Polynesian Tattoo

Maori carving showing tattoo styles.

Two women sought beauty — one for traditional reasons, and the other to hide a scar.

  • Can one design be considered more beautiful or meaningful then another?
  • Why would Manu feel beautiful in wearing her moko for all to see, yet Mary Lynn feel she must keep her tattoo private in society?
  • Can one reason for getting a tattoo be more "right" than another?
  • What connections are there between the traditional water designs of Manu's facial moko, and the free-form fancy of Mary Lynn's Great Blue Heron tattoo?

Two Polynesian men with tattoo learn far different lessons from the experience.

  • Is the journey of self-discovery more important than the artistic outcome?
  • What responsibility comes with wearing the tatau, moko or uhi?
  • What rites of passage mark becoming a man in other cultures, and do they all require pain or sacrifice?
  • How do these four tattoo compare with the stereotypes we Westerners have of those who wear tattoo?

What are the health risks involved with receiving a tattoo?

  • Your tattoo artist should use only single-use instruments, sterilized in an autoclave. Be sure to check your shop carefully before you receive your tattoo.
  • Your tattoo artist should carefully explain how to care for your tattoo until it is fully healed.
  • The Food and Drug Administration has an online Fact Sheet on the more dangerous risks involved with tattoos and permanent makeup

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