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From award-winning dramas to mind-expanding documentaries, your brand can align with immersive PBS programs enjoyed by audiences nationwide.

Learn how you can engage your target audience as we blaze trails and uncover untold stories across platforms.

Your Target Audience Awaits

  • 63.7 Million

    PBS primetime viewers each month [1]

  • 14 Million

    Unique monthly visitors [2]

  • 146 Million

    Episodes streamed per year across platforms [2]


PBS Primetime viewership across platforms has shown significant growth:


growth on broadcast households compared to the 6 weeks prior to the shut-down [3]


increase in weekly streaming [4]

Educated. Established. Engaged.

PBS empowers quality audiences with multiple interests.


PBS viewers are 86% more likely to have any investments worth $250K+ [5]

18% users are 18% more likely to earn $100K+ per year [6]


PBS viewers are 27% more likely to take 3+ vacations per year [5]


over 50% of PBS viewers are more likely to be Super Influentials for Politics, Finance and Business Travel [5]

16% users are 16% more likely to own a second home [6]


PBS viewers are 57% more likely to work on genealogy [5]

PBS Corporate Sponsorship

Builds Trust and Preference For Brands

PBS viewers pay attention to brands that support the programs they love. Among the PBS audience:


PBS viewers are most likely to purchase from sponsorship messages compared to other networks of the competitive set [7]


of viewers appreciate the clutter-free environment, and 57% have a more favorable view of a brand for sponsoring PBS [7]


of viewers say that sponsors are different and better than other networks, and half say that PBS sponsors are high quality brands [7]

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PBS Sponsorship Builds Trust & Preference

For Brands

PBS attracts more than 63 million primetime viewers each month [1]. As PBS sponsors, brands have the opportunity to align with the most trusted national media environment and the 7th most-watched television network in primetime [2, 3]. Discover how PBS sponsorship builds trust and preference for brands across the U.S.