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PBS takes viewers behind the scenes with News & Current Events programs hosted by award-winning anchors and reporters. Our journalists go beyond the headlines to dive deep on stories breaking in our communities and around the world.

FCC strict editorial standards help PBS provide balanced, reliable news sources difficult to find in other national news outlets—which is one reason why consumers named PBS the most trusted institution in America for 17 consecutive years. [1]


PBS programs resonate with Opinion Leaders:


For two years running, PBS NEWSHOUR was rated most “credible” and “objective” among weekday series for Opinion Leaders [2]

PBS broadcasts the top 3 most “credible” television sources that reach Opinion Leaders [2]
Four of the top 5 most “objective” television sources that reach most Opinion Leaders were PBS programs [2]

Delivering Reliable News Sources on PBS

PBS captures and informs audiences nationwide with an expanding lineup of News & Current Events programs.

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Sources: 1. Marketing & Research Resources, Inc. (M&RR), January 2020; 2. 2019 Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders Study.