A Biography Series About Global Icons

Using a fresh and innovative combination of interview, archive and state-of-the-art graphics, IN THEIR OWN WORDS is a powerful and intimate journey into the lives and minds of the most compelling icons of our time. In Season Two of the acclaimed biography series, viewers will learn the life stories of Elon Musk, Angela Merkel, President Jimmy Carter, Princess Diana, Pope Francis and Chuck Berry.

Season Two of IN THEIR OWN WORDS premieres on PBS in July 2021. Filmmakers use cutting-edge filming and editing techniques, along with advanced motion graphics, to frame and chronicle the eye-opening life stories. Continue reading to learn how you can achieve your branding and marketing objectives as a PBS sponsor. You can also explore more opportunities in the PBS Storytelling sponsorship package.


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Source: 1. 2019 MRI Doublebase.