Islands of Wonder

A Journey Like No Other

The 3-part ISLANDS OF WONDER series takes viewers on a journey to the most exotic, mysterious and remote islands on Planet Earth: Madagascar, Borneo and Hawaii. These isolated and iconic tropical islands are home to remarkable wildlife and human castaways found nowhere else on earth. The fragile islands also serve as a vital gauge for the planet’s health.

Madagascar maintains the largest collection of unique animals while Borneo cradles more diversity of life than any other island. Hawaii is the most remote island chain in the world, colonized by intrepid whales, carnivorous caterpillars and albatross. Learn how your brand can align with ISLANDS OF WONDER to boost your marketing efforts, or explore more opportunities in the Science & Nature sponsorship package.


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  • September 16, 2020, at 8/7c

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Source: 1. 2019 MRI Doublebase.