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Yamiche Alcindor

On May 4, 2021, Yamiche Alcindor was named the moderator of Washington Week.  She will continue in her role as White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour as well as a political contributor for NBC News and MSNBC

Alcindor has covered the White House for PBS NewsHour since 2018. Prior to that, she covered the campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for The New York Times. During the 2020 presidential election season, Alcindor was a moderator for the sixth Democratic primary debate.

 “This show has an amazing legacy, and I am thrilled to step into it,” Alcindor said in an official PBS press release. “I hope to build on it, to expand it and to bring this show forward distinctively into these times of challenge and controversy. In doing so, my guiding light will be serving our audiences and not shying away from the hard conversations about power and politics.”

She is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for her work, including the 2020 Aldo Beckman Award for Overall Excellence in White House Coverage from the White House Correspondents’ Association and the 2020 Gwen Ifill Award from the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF).

“Building on the strong tradition of Washington Week, Yamiche will bring new voices, insights and perspectives around the table, helping our audiences understand the policies and politics that drive conversations in our country and across the world,” said Paula Kerger, PBS president and CEO.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in English, government and African American studies from Georgetown University. In 2015, she received a master’s degree in broadcast news and documentary filmmaking from New York University.

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