LIFE AT The Waterhole

A Revolutionary Wildlife Series 

Waterholes are vital to the African ecosystem, but little is known about how they support so much life. In LIFE AT THE WATERHOLE, PBS and the BBC Studios Natural History Unit collaborate with the Mwiba Wildlife Reserve and local communities in Tanzania to build the world’s first waterhole featuring a built-in specialist camera rig. Using half-submerged and weather-proofed remote cameras, Dr. M. Sanjayan leads a team to uncover the complex dynamics of the waterhole for the very first time.

As warthogs, giraffes, monkeys and big cats compete for their positions at the new waterhole, viewers discover the increasingly important role of water in Africa and the growing impact of climate change. Continue reading to learn how to sponsor this new wildlife series, or explore additional marketing and sponsorship opportunities available in the PBS Science & Nature sponsorship package.


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