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Case Study: Nellie’s Free Range Eggs

pbs sponsors nellie's free range eggs social video

pbs sponsors nellie's free range eggs social media post

By sponsoring The Great British Baking Show on PBS, Nellie’s Free Range Eggs secured 1.4 million impressions, positive consumer feedback and social media traction.

Since their beginning as a small organic farm in northern New Hampshire, Pete & Gerry’s—parent company of Nellie’s Free Range Eggs—has been committed to sustaining American farmers and bringing fresh, organic and free range eggs to American consumers. 

The Nellie’s Free Range Eggs brand is a standout in grocery stores and has experienced consistent and sizable year-over-year growth.

In 2018, in an effort to continue the growth momentum, Paul Turbeville, Pete and Gerry’s vice president of marketing, launched a multi-prong campaign to raise awareness of Nellie’s Free Range Eggs among home bakers. The tent pole of the campaign came at the suggestion of Pete & Gerry’s media agency: “They came to us with the idea of sponsoring The Great British Baking Show on PBS and it just made a ton of sense,” Turbeville said.

“It’s always a balance,” Turbeville said. “CPMs and impressions are important, but so is the makeup of the audience you’re reaching. We didn’t want to be in a commercial slate with ‘who knows what else.’ With PBS, we knew we were getting an uncluttered environment and a way to get our message to an engaged audience who had a real interest in baking.”

“In addition to the 1.4 million impressions from the site and digital streaming respectively, the feedback has been incredible,” Turbeville continued. “We have tons of metrics from the campaign overall that indicate it was a huge success, but we’ve specifically received a lot of great comments from consumers and social media traction from the PBS sponsorship.”

Building on the success of their collaboration with The Great British Baking Show, Pete & Gerry’s is currently slated to leverage PBS’s pristine sponsorship environment to reach viewers of America’s Test Kitchen in 2019.

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