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Closing Credits Should List Original Production Funders
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The Federal Communications Commission requires broadcasters to “fully and fairly disclose the true identity” of all broadcast program funders. See 47 CFR § 73.1212(e). To satisfy this requirement, PBS programs typically identify these funders in underwriting pods at the beginning and end of a program.

Underwriting pods that air during a program’s original broadcast, however, are sometimes modified for subsequent broadcasts or on digital platforms. In the interest of ensuring full disclosure to viewers over time and across all platforms, and to ensure that original production funders are identified each time a program airs, producers should also include original production funders in the closing production credits. This will help facilitate transparency with PBS viewers no matter when, where, or how they watch PBS content.

Original production funders should be listed in the production credits at the time they are delivered to PBS. In the rare instance when a production funder is secured after these production credits have been delivered to PBS, the new funder may solely be credited in the underwriting pods. The producer can later deliver revised production credits if the program is scheduled for a re-feed.


To standardize this process, PBS has identified the following guidelines for identifying original production funders in a program’s production credits:

  • To avoid confusion with creative credits, the section for original production funders should be included after creative credits, but prior to the production statement and copyright information.
  • PBS asks that producers use the following language to introduce original production funders: “Original production funding provided by:”
  • Original production funders should generally be listed in descending order of support, regardless of category (corporate, government, foundation, etc.). Please omit PBS funding (i.e., “Viewers Like You”).
  • For ongoing series, funders who support a particular episode should generally be listed first, with series funders following them.
  • Slogans, URLs, logos, or other ancillary information about the original production funders must not be included; the list should consist of text that conveys only the funder’s legal identity.
  • Credit text (e.g., font size, style, layout) should be consistent throughout the list, with formatting that is consistent with the other sections of the closing production credits.

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