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Monthly donations are no longer a unique way of contributing. Millions of Americans donate in this way, many to multiple organizations, and also are signed up for monthly subscriptions to media services as well as clothing boxes, make-up, pet supplies. More opportunities to pay for services and products monthly are created each day.

Monthly donation programs are also a productive way to engage younger audiences who care about and are loyal to the PBS mission and community service but lack a great deal of disposable income at this point in their lives.

This is why it’s essential to engage donors and potential donors with a “sustainer-first” mentality, beginning with these key questions when planning a fundraising campaign online or changing web pages:

  • How does this impact current sustainers
  • Does this present a monthly gift as the preferred method of giving
  • Does this make giving monthly easy and efficient
  • How am I acknowledging the commitment of our monthly donors
  • Are we presenting monthly giving as “best for WXYZ and best for you”