Winning RibbonCase Studies / Winning Stories

UNC-TV Sustainer Saturday

By creating a distinct identy and a thoughtful engagement and solicitation strategy that was shared widely with staff UNC-TV saw new sustainer growth.

Telemarketing Success to Convert Sustainers

A focused approach with sustainers lead to a telefunding success for Idaho Public Television. The results showed that a personal connection in combination with the right asks can make for a highly effective program to increase sustainer revenue.

KPBS Website Changes Lead to Sustainer Success

By taking the time to look at results from changes to their re-designed website KPBS was able to make smart corrections that lead to big increases in sustaining gifts and reducing donor confusion. Intergrating that work into the on-air pledge and call center not only helped staff on the back end but kept consistent messaging for the viewers and donors.

TPT Success with Roku Sustainers

A great case study looking at not only how these specific donors were retained but what all stations can be doing to keep sustainers engaged and continuing to make monthly gifts year after year.

Nine Networks EFT Conversion Achievements

The Nine Network wanted to convert more monthly donors to EFT payments, by using the EFT conversion letter samples they were able to see a substantial return and plan to continue the direct mail approach to conversion asks.

KLRU Taps Political Coverage for Sustainer Acquisition

Many public media stations saw a "Trump bump" around the election as more people turned to PBS for solid political reporting. KLRU used that increased interest to engage donors around the programming available. Their success offers a game plan for the mid-terms and next presidential election seasons.

OPB Tests PBS Passport Promoton on Facebook

Experimenting with promoting PBS Passport on Facebook leads to positive results for OPB

Cross Promotion for PBS Passport Shows Promise

Using multiple methods to communicate the value and benefit of giving and activiating PBS Passport lead to good results for Houston Public Media

WUCF Taps into Royal Wedding and British Tele Fever for Sustainer Success

Take advantage of special events to not only promote watching but also the benefits of PBS Passport to viewers and gain new sustainers.

PBS Passport Picks Emails Engage Sustaining Members

After some good early success of Passport Picks emails from KCTS a turnkey email system was developed to help more stations promote PBS Passport shows.