Direct Mail & Email

Direct Mail & Email


Make it Special

When it comes to email, be sure to always employ the cardinal rule with sustainers: "Give more than you ask." Make sure that your sustainers are receiving regular cultivation communications including e-newsletters and more, so that your appeals are welcome when they do arrive in in-boxes. And remember that sustainers like to be recognized as sustainers when you communicate with them.

Passport Picks emails to eligible donors have increased the sign ups for Passport as well as the time spent engaging for several stations. This is a win-win for both the station and the donors. Consider adding a Passport Picks email  to your email communication plan.

Building a positive identity around your sustaining members will not only help your station market this giving option but can help build loyalty among sustaining donors. Using email is a great way to keep sustaining members connected to not only the great programming that they enjoy but also updating them on how the station and community benefits from the stable revenue from sustainers.

Segment your communications

One of the most fruitful sustainer e-mail techniques discovered is the pre-drive email sent the day before the drive begins. The idea behind this email is to thank sustainers for their patience while the station works to encourage others to join them. If prize drawings are offered in the drive, it's a good opportunity to let sustainers in on the action. And the money comes in with a subtle appeal for an upgrade or additional gift at the bottom of the email.

When launching an on-air drive or special campaign, include sustainers in one or two of your e-appeals, to give them the opportunity to participate in the campaign with an additional gift or an upgrade. It's important, however, not to email them as much as you would a brand new prospect.

When sending a direct mail appeal to sustainers, follow up with an accompanying e-appeal the day or day after mail arrives in homes.