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Teaching Math (Grades K-2)

Course Description:

Explore process standards outlined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and develop lessons around them to help K-2 students establish a strong understanding of math concepts and master foundational mathematical thinking. In this course, you will:

• Review the key NCTM process standards in dedicated sessions for Communication, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof, Representation, and Connections, E.g., in the Communication session, learners explore how effective communication can help all learners make sense of mathematics. Learn how to teach students to use oral communication, invented and traditional symbols, movement, pictures, number sentences, and more to share mathematical thinking and express understanding of math concepts.

• Explore effective ways to apply the standards in classroom instruction and integrate their use with content goals

• Develop lesson plans around NCTM standards that strengthen instruction and help students better understand mathematics

Note: This is a facilitated course. Learners submit coursework and participate in asynchronous discussions throughout the course term, and receive graded feedback.

For assignments and evaluation details, see the full Syllabus.

Similar to an in-person undergraduate or graduate-level course, the number of hours identified for this course reflects the expected amount of time learners will spend online, but does not reflect the total time spent completing coursework and assignments offline.

Graduate Credit Information:
Graduate credit may be obtained from the provider(s) listed below, for an additional fee after the course begins.
Sierra Nevada College - 3.0 credits - pricing
Morningside College - 3.0 credits - pricing
Central Michigan University - 3.0 credits - pricing
James Madison University - 3.0 credits - pricing
Madonna University - 3.0 credits - pricing
Ashland University - 3.0 credits - pricing
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