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Graduate credit may be obtained from the provider(s) listed below, for an additional fee after the course begins.


Graduate Credit?
Learners in most PBS TeacherLine courses can choose to register to earn graduate credit from one of our national providers. If a course is approved for graduate credit, it will be noted in the online catalog.

National graduate credit providers offer graduate credit based on the following hours of course time:

15-hour PBS TeacherLine course = 1 credit hour
30-hour PBS TeacherLine course = 2 credit hours
45-hour PBS TeacherLine course = 3 credit hours

Graduate credit is an additional cost that Learners pay directly to graduate credit providers at the time of registration for graduate credits. Learners must wait until the course begins before registering for graduate credit. Detailed information on how to register is provided in the first Announcement for each course. Cost varies by institution. Please see the list of providers below for more information about credit costs.

Central Michigan University
James Madison University
Madonna University
Morningside College
Sierra Nevada College
University of Central Missouri

Learners who register for graduate credit can obtain a transcript from the credit provider registered with during the course.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

Learners who successfully complete PBS TeacherLine courses may be eligible for CEU credits from their state or school district. Learners should check with their district or state professional development office to determine eligibility before enrolling in a PBS TeacherLine course.

PBS TeacherLine provides Learners with:

  1. The opportunity to print a course certificate of completion which includes a letter grade and course hours of the course.
  2. A PDF copy of the course syllabus.

PBS TeacherLine does not offer CEUs directly and is not authorized to grant CEU credits. This is typically done by state and district professional development offices.

Facilitated Course Format?

The facilitator brings the course to life by being present in the learning, keeping the learners on track, giving feedback on assignments, nudging the discussion forums and giving meaningful comments on journals. When learners feel the presence of their peers and the facilitator, they become more accountable and obliged to remain engaged. PBS TeacherLine facilitators are highly qualified teachers who have been peer-selected and hold master’s degrees. They are available for overall support and guidance throughout the six-week session so that even novice computer users feel comfortable taking an online course.

Cohort Size?

Each PBS TeacherLine facilitated course section has no more than 30 total learners, allowing our experienced facilitators to ensure a manageable course size for discussion and collaboration.

Course Design?

The design and structure of the PBS TeacherLine course is based on best practices and research that highlight the importance of online learning communities. The instructional content is a blend of multimedia resources delivered to improve participant attitudes and practices through weekly assignments, readings, model teaching video, discussion boards, and opportunities for reflection.

A course is divided into Six Sessions. The facilitator will guide learners through one session per week for a six-week term.

Promo Code?

If you have a promo code, please enter it at checkout.

Refund Policy?

Learners who drop a course before 12:00 AM Eastern Time on the start date, will receive a full refund of their paid course price. This will show as 'Dropped' on the Learner's profile and no grade will be displayed.

Learners who drop a course on the start date, or within the first seven days of the course (before midnight Eastern Time on the 7th day of the course), will receive a refund of 80% of their paid course price. This will show as 'Dropped Late' on the Learner's profile and no grade will be displayed.

Learners who drop a course after 12:00 AM Eastern Time on the seventh (7th) day of the course will not receive any refund. This will show as ‘Withdrawn’ on the Learner's profile and no grade will be displayed.

Learners who cannot continue a course after the 7th day of the course should withdraw from the course so the 'earned letter grade' does not display on the Learner's profile.

PBS TeacherLine will process refunds due to Learners approximately five business days after the drop date. Learners will receive a confirmation email when dropping a course, and another, once the refund has been processed.

Additional help?
For additional help, contact PBS TeacherLine Customer Support at: 1-866-864-0828, Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM ET, or create a help ticket at:
Please allow up to 2 business days for response.

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