Why Teachers Choose PBS TeacherLine

PBS TeacherLine online courses offer the standards-based professional development opportunities that teachers like you need, in an accessible, online format that makes learning fun, flexible, and collaborative.

Teachers give PBS TeacherLine courses an A+ because they:

Offer Accessibility, Flexibility, and Convenience

  • Learning online is as easy as sending and retrieving email.
  • Courses fit into teachers' busy schedules, with no scheduled login requirements and weekly assignments that can be completed whenever and wherever it's convenient.
  • The self-contained course environment means no additional books or software to buy.

Directly Impact Your Classroom and Student Outcomes

  • Courses relate directly to the curriculum and incorporate assignments and activities to use in your classroom right away.
  • Learners acquire new technological tools and strategies ready to integrate into their lessons to enhance their effectiveness.

Lead to Professional Recognition

  • Many PBS TeacherLine online courses offer opportunities to earn graduate credits from our partner institutions.
  • Most districts allow teachers to apply PBS TeacherLine courses towards professional development points (PDPs) and continuing education units (CEUs).

Include Engaging, High-quality Content

  • Developed with multiple learning styles in mind, all courses include the rich use of technologies such as video, audio, and interactives, to make learning come alive.
  • Every course features specific tools for integrating technology to the classroom, as well as tools to support delivery of instruction to diverse learners.

Enroll Today!

Browse the Course Catalog to find the course that meets your needs. Be sure to login or provide your school's zip code when prompted to see the complete listing of courses currently being offered in your area. You may want to get in touch with a local course provider before enrolling, as they may be able to provide you with a promotion code for reduced pricing.

You can enroll online using a credit card. If you prefer that your school or district be invoiced, print and complete this purchase order form, and fax the completed form with an authorized signature to PBS TeacherLine at 703-739-5777.

Get Credit

To ensure that your district will approve a PBS TeacherLine course for CEU/PDP credit before you take a course, you may want to ask your supervisor or district for a preliminary review. You can print this letter and the course description syllabus of the course to provide for approval. Your state or district may require additional forms, so check if you are not sure.


“My online discussion boards offer me contact with other colleagues to discuss ideas, problems, and means of implementation for the curriculum.”

Jeannie Dyke
Reading Specialist
SY Jackson Elementary School