With the U.S. Department of Education's interest in teacher quality and in linking practice to student outcomes, organizations that provide teacher professional development are expected to demonstrate the effectiveness of their approach and products. PBS TeacherLine presents scientifically based evidence of students' learning outcomes.

Research Partners

Hezel Partners

Hezel Associates, PBS TeacherLine's external evaluator, implemented an evaluation strategy that employs a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods, including an experimental study, an expert review, a content analysis, and pre- and post-participation surveys.

The evaluation of PBS TeacherLine's next-generation services combine intensive studies of its integration within local teacher professional development efforts at multiple levels, with analyses derived through scientifically-based experimental research that meets What Works Clearinghouse standards. The research design strengthens PBS's ability to transform professional development by addressing foundational issues surrounding teacher professional development.

Dedicated to information sharing, Hezel Associates sees dissemination as a way to expand the research field's collective understanding of professional development, technology integration, and experimental methods. Therefore, the results of their research will be shared with researchers with shared interests, learning about other ways to conduct experimental studies to measure impact, and meeting with the education officials who ultimately will make the decision to host the research, Hezel Associates will optimize their ability to carry out the proposed series of studies.


“My online discussion boards offer me contact with other colleagues to discuss ideas, problems, and means of implementation for the curriculum.”

Jeannie Dyke
Reading Specialist
SY Jackson Elementary School