Attendance and Grading Policies

Assessment and Grading Policies

The following course elements are evaluated in our online courses and weighted equally so that no element may be neglected in order to receive an A or B. Not all aspects are present in all courses. Some example weighting scenarios might be:

Example 1
Discussion board 25%
Assignments 25%
Online journal 25%
Final projects 25% Example 2
Discussion Board 34%
Online Journal 33%
Final Project 33% Example 3
Discussion Board 34%
Assignments 33%
Final Project 33%

Course Rubrics have the following points scale:

Exemplary = 100
Satisfactory = 80
Unsatisfactory = 40
(No submission is 0 pts)

Please view the Course's 'Grades', found on the horizontal navigation towards the top of your course, to keep you informed of your progress in the course. Final grades will be reported as follows:

90 - 100 = A
80 - 89 = B
70 - 79 = C*
69 - below = F

*Some school districts do not accept C grades for CEUs and some colleges/universities don't accept a C towards degree programs.
**All learners who do not properly withdraw from a course will receive an "F".

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