Enrollment Process Overview

Enrollment Overview

Learners can enroll in a course through the online catalog – using a promo code, credit card, or combination of those. This type of enrollment is referred to as e-commerce. It does not involve reservations at all. They use their PBS TeacherLine account, choose a course section, they pay or use a promo code - which enrolls them to the course. Access becomes available 2 days prior to the start date.


Learners, Facilitators, and Observers can enroll via the enroll tool. A staff member supplies the email address and course section; designates the role, and PO if applicable. 

A reservation invite is created, with an expiration of 7 days or the end of the enrollment period – whichever comes first. A seat is held for that user and a message is automatically sent to the email address. One of three things happens:

  • The user opens the email, clicks on the link, and is taken to the TL site. They log on, and regardless what email account was entered via the enrollment tool - the invitation follows them. The landing page is My Courses – where the reservation sits. They accept and are officially enrolled.
  • The user logs onto the TL site - without using the link. If the invite email matches the account – the user can go to My Courses to see the reservation. They accept and are officially enrolled.
  • If the user never gets the email or if the email used to enroll is different from their actual account - they will not be able to accept that invitation.

Regardless, staff should use the 'Search Reservation' tool in admin to check on the status of all their enrollments.

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