Using the Search Sections Tool

To get to Search Sections

  • use the Quick Link "Search Sections"
  • use the path:  TL Admin > Courses > Management > Search Sections

Please narrow your search by at least 1 criterion. 

  1. Name (Section) field:  enter the curriculum, a course, or a specific section
  2. Term: enter a term
  3. organization should be your organization
  4. Purpose can be: Regular, Demonstration, or Development. Most of the time - you will want to stick to Regular. Use Demonstration if you are looking for a Section that was set up specifically as a demo for a district or university. Use Development if you are working with a course producer to create a course.
  5. Status: Valid is any true course with actual learners. Cancelled will list any courses that were cancelled.
  6. Click Search

To practice using the tool, try searching 1 term, or all canceled courses.

or search for just 1 curriculum like science, by typing SCIE in the section field.

or search for all RDLA125 sections by typing RDLA125 in the section field.

It is not case sensitive, but spaces will not yield results.


Each result listing includes the section, organization, start date, end date, status, purpose, seats available, and seats filled.  The section number link takes you to the section detail screen.

The section detail screen includes a course description, credit hours, price, enrollment dates, and list of enrollees with details and links to profiles and enrollment details.

A Cancel link will be available on the Section Detail screen up until the 7th day of the course. Use that link to cancel upcoming course sections. 

Both the Result listing and the section detail page have a link to the Manage Sections page. See the article on Manage Sections for more details on that tool. 


Be sure you have the right software & settings

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