Using the Search Enrollments Tool

To find Search Enrollments:

  • Use the Quick Link "Search Enrollments"
  • or use the path: Courses> Management> Search Enrollments

Please select at least 1 criterion.

  1. Section can be curriculum, course, or section.
  2. Email: to search for enrollments by email, or even domain name (
  3. Term
  4. Starts on or after
  5. Starts on or before
  6. Section Organization (if you want to limit results to sections offered by a single org.)
  7. Include local users in national sections - means if you want to see enrollments for learners from your territory who were enrolled in PBS National. *note - do not select an org if you want these results.
  8. Source - E-Commerce, Reservation, Web Service, Key - allows you to filter your results by how the enrollee was enrolled. E commerce is the online shopping cart. Reservation is the Admin enroll tool. Direct is tech101 enrollees.
  9. Status - Pending (enrolled, not graded yet); completed (enrolled, graded. Not necessarily passed.); dropped (before start date), Dropped Late (during first 7 days of the section); withdrawn (after the 7th day), transferred.
  10. Role - learner, facilitator, observer.
  11. Click Search

Use Download Options to turn on promo code or grad credit registration data when available. This is a resource strain - so only use these options when necessary. 

For practice, use a term and a curriculum - like Summer 2007 and Math.

The results listing includes section, user, organization, status, grade, source, role, and enrolled date. 

The Section link goes to the Section detail (just like for Search Sections).

The name link goes to the user's profile (just like Search Users.) 

The status link goes to the enrollment details, where you can find the invoices associated with that enrollment. 


Download results include: user id, first name, last name, can email (1=yes), can mail, email, address fields, phone, section, section title, start and end date, role, status, source, grade, section status, section organization, time created (enrolled), user created, user school, user school id



Q & A

Q.  Why did a search enrollments for stations using the ‘include local users…’ not include the local learners in national sections?

          A. If you set a 'section organization' the results are limited to enrollments from that organization. The Include local users... is overridden. Be sure to not set a section organization when needing local users in national section data.


Q.  How can I see just the local users in nation sections?

          A. Using the download – set all the desired filters, and check the box for ‘include local users. .’.  Once the download is in Excel – sort by the Section Organization and all the ‘PBS National’ are together.


Q.  Why when I chose Learner, Reservation, and status Pending do I not see the pending reservations?

          A. This tool is for only official enrollments. This status of Pending means the course is not finished/graded yet.   Please use the Search Reservations to see pending reservations.



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