Using the Order Section Tool

To get to Order Section

  • Use the Quick Link "Order Course Sections"
  • use the path: TL Admin >Courses > Management > Order Section

Choose which courses to order. (To select more than 1: Windows users - use CTRL; Apple users - use the Apple key.) 

Enter the default dates and seat limits for this batch of sections.

The enrollment end date must be 1-5 days after the course section start date. 

Date format is mm/dd/yyyy.

Click either Continue button.


On this screen - customize any data you like. Most fields are editable in 'manage sections' tool.

NOTE - the price cannot be changed AFTER the course enrollment start date. AND the course start date cannot change after the 7th day of the course.


Additional Information shows in the online course catalog – in the section detail screen.

Choose a catalog so the course displays in the online catalog. The standard catalog is PBS Course Catalog. If you want a private course - do NOT select a catalog. If you want a semi-private course - that only shows with a promo code applied - select that promo catalog only.

Choose graduate credit providers. (Windows use CTRL, Mac use the apple.) If you have local graduate credit providers that are not listed - you will need to go to Organization, management, Grad Credit Agreements  - then find the institution and click Manage Courses to add courses to the list of approved courses. See the Help Article on Grad Credit Providers for step by step instructions. 

Click Order to finalize the process. a confirmation message appears at the top of the page with the exact section number.

See the help articles on Search Sections or Manage Sections to learn more about using the section once it is ordered.

See the admin help article on Enroll to learn more about using the Enroll tool to send reservations to a section. 

Be sure you have the right software & settings

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