Using the Manage Sections Tool

To get to Manage Sections:

  • Use the Quick link "Search Sections"
  • or use the path: Courses > Management > Search Sections
Enter at least 1 filter criterion before you search.
  1. (Section) name can be a curriculum, course. or section
  2. term
  3. organization

the results listing includes:

 course number, title, start date, end date, enrolled, seats available - and a link to Manage.

The manage page allows you to edit:

  • Enroll start - if it is still before the enroll start date
  • Enroll End - if it is stil before the enroll end date
  • Course Start - if it is still before the 7th day of the course
  • Course End - if it is still before the course end date
  • The seats
  • The hours
  • The price - if it is before the enrollment start date
  • Additional information
  • Catalogs (At least 1 catalog needs to be selected to be visible in the online catalog)
  • Graduate Course providers  - if it is still before the course start date
  • Certificate, certificate text
  • The primary course facilitator (If you have more than 1 facilitator for the section - please designate the primary facilitator.)
  • Invite facilitators. (This sends a reservation to the email you enter for this field. The person must be a registered user, and be one of your organization's active facilitators.)

Make your changes - click Update. 

Canceling course sections is done from the 'search sections'  - section detail page. At the top of the page, the link 'Cancel' will be below the manage link until the 7th day of the course section. You cannot cancel a section after the 7th day of the course.

Be sure you have the right software & settings

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