Using the Enrollment Tool

Use the Quick Link "Enroll Users" or the path:  Course > Management> Enroll

This tool is used for enrolling learners, facilitators, and observers.

You can use a CSV file or type enrollees individually. This article covers both ways.

This Enrollment Tool sends an invitation to the user. When they accept the invitation - the enrollment is official. The invitation is good for 7 days or until the end of the enrollment period - whichever is first. There is a Search Reservation tool to view the status of your invitations. See the help article on Search Reservations for details on that tool.

 Once in the enrollment tool - To use a CSV file:

  1. Have a copy of the CSV template saved locally.
  2. enter the user's email addresses, the section (either case - but no spaces!), and the role (learner, facilitator, observer).
  3. Save the file
  4. On the Enrollment Tool, click browse. Locate the CSV file and open it.
  5. Click Update on the tool.

This takes your data and populates it in the online form.

As an alternative to using the CSV file, type the number of enrollments you want to do in the Count field and click Update. (Click twice in each field to get the cursor active in the entry box. This is a temporary bug.) Type the email and section for each enrollment. Use the handy dandy look up 'down arrow' for either field to have the system look for that user or section for you to select.

  • Enter a PO, account, or promo code as needed (available).
  • Click Update. Notice that facilitator's and observer's fees are always Zero. 
  • Review your data. Fix any errors that may have appeared. 
  • Click Process to finalize the process and send the reservation invitation.

NOTES: Learners do NOT have to be registered users to be sent an reservation invitation. they can register upon receiving the invitation.

NOTE: Facilitators MUST be registered, and active facilitators for your organization to be enrolled. 

It is recommended to use Search Reservations to keep an eye on pending reservations to fix bad emails or alert users if the expiration is soon. 

Be sure you have the right software & settings

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