Using the Search Reservations Tool

Use the Quick Link "Search Reservations" or the Path: Courses> Management> Search Reservations

Search Reservations

Once you've sent reservations – you should monitor those reservations. Reservations can be seen:

  1. By admin staff using Search Reservations (this includes the reservation expiration date)
  2. By admin staff using Search Sections – the reservation enrollees are listed below the list of officially enrolled users.
  3. By Facilitators using Facilitator Tools, Manage Section. They are noted as “outstanding enrollees”

When using the Search Reservations tool, the following filters are available:

  1. (Section) name: can be a curriculum, course, or section
  2. Term
  3. Organization
  4. Source (this seems redundant to me... don't be surprised if it disappears.)
  5. Status: pending, accepted, declined, cancelled, expired
  6. Role

The results list does not include ecommerce enrollments. Results include the section, the users email, organization, status, role, and invitation expiration date.

The Section link goes to the section detail page - that has the manage link and the list of all enrollments.

Q & A

Q. How do we prevent invitations from expiring?

          A. First – make sure the email is accurate. Second, whoever does the enrolling should monitor the reservations and follow up with ‘pending’ enrollments.


Q.  What do we do if the invitation expired, and the user still needs in?

          A. If the enrollment period is still open – verify the email address is good and re-enroll them. If the enrollment period is closed, they will have to choose a later section.


Q. What happens to Reservations sent to bad emails?

          A. The invitation goes to the bad email address, and will eventually expire. Do another enrollment with the good email.


Q. Can admin ‘Accept’ Reservations for learners?

          A. No. There are legal and financial ties to accepting a reservation for a learner.

Q. Can we cancel an invitation?

          A. No.

Be sure you have the right software & settings

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