Using the Promotion Codes Tool

Overview of How Promotions Work

First create a promotion and assign it a promotion code. Each promotion is good for a specific list of approved courses and a specific discount. Each promotion creates a unique online Catalog.

THEN you set specific sections for that promo code. You can include sections through the promo tool, OR through the order/manage sections tool by including that unique catalog.

USING a Promo: A user can enter the promo code in the online catalog and their results are limited to the approved sections for that promotion. OR – if you are using a Purchase order, you can include a promo with the enroll tool in TL Admin.

Regarding the Catalog field – on order/manage section:

    * Selecting no catalog makes the section private - it can't be 'seen' online by users at all to enroll. (Must be invited via the Enroll tool.)

    * Selecting the PBS National Catalog makes the section visible to everyone.

    * Selecting the PBS National and a promo catalog - makes the section visible to everyone, but the discount applies only for those who enter the promo code.

    * Selecting the promo catalog only - makes the section visible only to those online visitors who apply the promo code while browsing the Online Catalog.


Using the Promotion Code Tool

Use the Quick Link "Manage Promotions" and click ‘Create a New Promotion’

or use the path: Courses > Create Promotion

    * Give the promotion a name

    *  Enter Internal Details. Enter your name so the natl staff knows who to contact to verify the promotion. Also answer these questions about the approved courses: Local and/or national? ELL courses? Raising Readers? 15 hour? 30 hour? 45 hour? OFT? This field is seen by staff only, please include as much detail as you can.

    * Apply which account this is for (a general account or a PO?)

    * Highlight all the courses that are approved for this promotion.

    * Choose a discount type and amount (no cents or symbols).

    * Enter the max amounts.

    * Enter an expiration date.

Under Promo code - most folks only need 1 promo code. but if you have a situation where you want to track different areas - this allows for that.

    * Enter the code to be used

    * Enter the Public Description. This is displayed in the online catalog when the promo is applied.

    * Leave the other fields blank.


THEN select the sections that are approved for this promotion. (note – sections will only be listed if the enrollment period is open. You can use the manage section tool to include this promotion to sections if the enrollment period is not open yet.)

Save. Now you are done.

The office staff receives an automatic message that a promo code request has been made. They will need to 'approve' the promo. They will send an email notification to the name in the internal details field.

Hint: If you want to include sections that are ordered after you set this up  - return to this promotion and add the sections.


Promo Usage

On the Promotion Codes page - search for your promo.On the results list

- the promo code name links to the 'edit' promo page.

- the View Usage link takes you to a report of usage for the promo code. There is a download button to download that data as well. Please note - usage is reported once a user 'accepts' the reservation if they were batch enrolled.



Q. Why do we have Promotion information AND Promotion Code details?

     A. This allows for better flexibility for stations.

     * Example 1: a year long promotion with 1 subcode per term. First, this allows better control over how those codes are distributed.  And it could allow a learner to use 1 code in 1 term, and then later use a different code to take another course. (promotion Max individual uses =4, and for each code max individual uses = 1.)

    * Example 2: When regions are set (not built yet):  Allows stations to set different maxes per area. So you could look at your school districts – set up regions – and then set larger districts with larger maxes, and smaller with fewer – to keep it even. AND to help track who used what.

     IF you don’t want to use multiple promo codes – In Promotion Code - enter the code and description only. The other data is carried from the promotion.

  Q. What is the Region?

     A. This isn't built yet, but basically - each organization can set up their regions. Then have separate promo codes per region - allowing better control of numbers for different areas.

  Q. Why do we have Approved Courses and Approved Sections?

     A.  This is to keep the section list from being enormous.

  Q. Can we have a 'choose all courses' or 'choose all sections' feature?

     A. We are working with Stephen Chovanec, our usability expert, to come up with more user friendly solutions on selecting courses and sections.

  Q.  Can we 'archive' old promotions?

     A. On the Promotion Codes page, check the box to ‘exclude expired’ to not see old promotions.

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