Graduate Credit FAQ

Learners in select PBS TeacherLine courses can choose from our
national graduate credit providers. The first announcement in each
course provides detailed information on how to register for graduate
credit. Self-paced courses are not eligible for graduate credit.

How do I determine if graduate credit is available for a
particular course?

If a course is approved for graduate credit from a higher education
institution, it will be noted in our online catalog. Simply click View
Details under a course listing and look under 'Credits'.

How much graduate credit can I receive for each PBS
TeacherLine course?

Check your course syllabus to see how many actual hours your PBS
TeacherLine course will require of you. Then, use that number to
determine how many graduate credits you can earn. You can also double
check the amount in the course catalog and with your facilitator in the
first week of class. The national graduate credit providers offer
graduate credit based on the following hours of course time:

30-hour PBS TeacherLine course = 2 credit hours

45-hour PBS TeacherLine course = 3 credit hours

Most institutions operate on an academic semester calendar and will
award official graduate credit in the semester that most closely
follows the end of a PBS TeacherLine course. However, for a nationally
offered course, you can print your course completion certificate after
your course ends and grades are posted by your facilitator.

Do I have to pay additional money for graduate credit?

Yes. In addition to your course fee, you will have to pay a graduate
credit fee directly to the graduate credit provider. You must pay at
the time you register for your graduate credits. You must wait for the
course to begin before registering for credit.

How much do the credits cost?

The cost varies per institution. Please click on the links below for
more information about credit costs.

Ashland University

Central Michigan University

James Madison University

Madonna University

Morningside College

Sierra Nevada College

University of Central Missouri

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