Managing Graduate Credit

For Setting up and Negotiating Agreements (for Stations)
Stations who offer local sections may have agreements with local graduate credit providers. Use this tool to manage those agreements and their respective approved courses.
Log onto PBS TeacherLine admin.
Go to Organization > Management > Manage Graduate Credit
Or use the quick link to Manage Graduate Credit

To view a local graduate credit agreement
To view any agreement, click on the credit provider profile

To create or edit a local graduate credit provider agreement
To add a new agreement, click Create a New Agreement
To update an existing agreement, find the provider and click Edit
All fields are required.

  • School Name  (This is visible to learners – please be sure it is accurate and complete – no abbreviations)
  • School City
  • School State
  • Information URL (This is listed when learners click to learn more about the available graduate credit. It could be on the station’s site, or on the school’s site)
Contact is anyone who can answer questions about the agreement. It is not displayed to the learners. The contact can be from the station or the credit provider.
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
Once you click Create or Update, the agreement is active and available to associate approved courses for the agreement.

If you wish the credit provider to have access to TL Admin and manage the grad credits approved for learners, please submit a help ticket with the provider’s details: name, phone number, address, and email of the contact at the university.

To set approved courses for any agreement
From Manage Graduate Credit, for a specific agreement, click Manage Courses.
Changes affect future ordered sections. What you set here determines which credit providers are available when ordering sections. You can add multiple courses in batches.  (For example, add all your 1 credit approved courses in a batch, and then add all the 2 credit courses, etc.)

Use the shuttle box to select 1 or more courses. (Highlight several courses at a time by holding the CTRL key, or the Cmd key on apple computers.) Assign the number of credits approved for the batch. Click Add Courses.

Approved courses are listed at the bottom of the screen. Each course’s credits may be edited. Be sure to click Save Changes if you edit any course’s credits.
Use Remove to remove a course from the approved list.

! Remember: changes affect future ordering of sections, not any sections that are already ordered.

Some general rules about PBS TeacherLine Courses:
15 hours = 1 credit; 30 hours = 2 credits; 45 hours = 3 credits. Exceptions apply.
Most 15 hour courses end in 1 or 6. Ex. MATH236 Exceptions: TECH316 is still 30 hours. ELL courses *
Most 30 hour courses end in 0 or 5. Ex. RDLA340  Exceptions: TECH410, TECH415, TECH525 are 45 hours. Teachers Domain**
Most 45 hour courses end in 2 or 7. Ex. RDLA172  Exceptions: Teachers Domain**

* ELLs (RDLA 363, 366, 373, 383, 376) are 10 hours and .5 credits regardless of number.
**  SCIE5## courses are all 30 hours, except the ones ending in 0 – those are 45 hours.

To Manage Grad Credits (for Credit Providers)
This is for credit providers to update learner’s graduate credit as ‘approved’, ‘pending’, or ‘declined’.

Credit Providers may also download all pending credit registrations or all completed credit registrations by using the corresponding download buttons at the bottom of the screen. Downloads are in CSV format.

Note: Credit Providers control all data regarding graduate credit awarded to learners. No information is automatically populated.

From Manage Graduate Credit, click Manage Credits.

To update graduate credit records for an individual:
Enter the learner’s email address, section, and grad credit status, and click submit.

To update graduate credit records for a batch of learners:
Use the sample CSV file as your template.
Notice there is no header row.
  • Column 1 is the TeacherLine ID. Do not leave this entire column empty – have at least 1 number in 1 row (even if it is just a ‘1’) so saving the CSV doesn’t remove the entire column.
  • Column 2 is the learner’s email address. No spaces.
  • Column 3 is the exact section. No spaces. (i.e.  MATH250.46)
  • Column 4 is the status. 0 pending, 1 approved, 2 not approved.
Upload your file. All the records will be listed on the screen for final checking. Any errors will be displayed in detail.
Make any necessary adjustments.
Click Save.

Be sure you have the right software & settings

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